Luzia Lowe.
The life and passions of a fetish model, Dominatrix, BDSM performer, lifestyle kinkster, gothic-fusion belly dancer living in Los Angeles. Sky high heels, extra sharp nails, luxuriously long hair, and a wickedly lascivious personality. Can you handle it?

My coworker at the dungeon, Harlow, and I went out to Bar Sinister last night. It was pretty good- we got trashed, went to Bar Sin, Ginger Fish guest DJ’d.

Let me just point something out- see this fucking makeup? See how fucking fabulous we look? We did that drunk. DRUNK. And we’re still glamourous bitches. <3

Also, Harlow is the sweetest, sexiest, strictest pin-up girl Domme I know. Go show her some love and check out her blog, Registered & Protected

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